Road connections

Excellent road connectivity is one of our key advantages.

Port of Split is just 15 km away from A1 highway (Zagreb – Split – Dubrovnik), specifically Dugopolje toll booth (exit 25).

We are situated only 2 km from the connection to dual carriageway Solin-Klis that connects Split with A1 highway.

It is also important to mention the fact that there are four border crossings towards Bosnia and Herzegovina (Kamensko, Aržano, Gornji Vinjani and Gorica) which provide unobstructed traffic further inland.

Railway connections

Port of Split has a direct connection to the international railway linking it with central Croatia, Slavonia, and the Republic of Serbia.

The main railway line through Croatia consists of two parts:

  • the northern part including towns like Gospić – Karlovac – Novska – Slavonski Brod – Vinkovci (marked as D4) with max allowed load of 8 t/m
  • the southern part connecting Gračac – Knin – Drniš – Split (marked as C4), also with max allowed load of 8 t/m

There are two separate railway lines passing through the port enabling direct loading of cargo into the ship using gantry cranes, or direct loading into one of the available warehouses.

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